The source of my creation is the people I love.
There is no such thing as completion in art. There are only things we give up on along the way.


I am a strong luck painter.
When I was 3 years old, I fell into a big river and survived.
And I am a professional interviewer who has changed jobs 23 times and met many good people.
After studying Madrid Realism in Spain, I discovered abstract painting more than ten years later, and will continue to deliver paintings that can bring healing and good fortune to many people.

Dear all

I was born in Asahi City (former Higata Town), Chiba Prefecture, a peaceful inaka town, where I lived until I graduated from high school.
He was a member of the baseball club until high school.
I love baseball so much that I intend to play on the field even if I become an old man.
After graduating from high school, I spent 5 years as a working adult, and with the money I saved, I went to Spain by myself to study art for about a year & went sightseeing for art in Paris and Switzerland.
One day, however, I saw a painting by Hiro Yamagata called “Perrier” at a general store and was so struck by it that I stood there for about 20 minutes looking at the painting, immobile and upright, as if I was in a bind.
Painting had been my forte since I was a child, so from that moment on I began to aspire to become a painter, and I went to the West with the same momentum.
Experiencing Madrid realism firsthand, and living with art with a long history, I met people of my generation who aspired to become painters, and painters who were already working professionally.
I also met people I met at my part-time job at a Japanese restaurant.
In the midst of all this, I was asked the question, “What can you do with my paintings?
I was still wondering, “What can I do with my paintings?
I still remember worrying about what I could do with my paintings.
After returning to Japan, I worked as a civil engineer, a security guard, a clerk at a video game arcade, a waiter at a restaurant, a cell phone salesman, a painter, a waterproofer, a publisher of art magazines, a transporter with a light truck, a manufacturer at a town factory, a paper recycling plant, a printer, a warehouse organizer with a forklift truck, a telephone answering service, an IT company, etc. before joining his current company.
I have changed jobs a total of 22 times, but I have always continued to paint.

When I was 21 years old, I heard the phrase, “Dreams are not something you see, they are something you make come true.
I heard this saying when I was 21 years old.
It would be wonderful if there are more adults who are chasing their dreams.
If children who have a bright future awaiting them see such adults, I believe their eyes will light up and they will pursue their dreams to the fullest.
I don’t know how much I can give you dreams.
However, I will prove with my life that “dreams will come true if you don’t give up.
When you feel your dream close to you, you will naturally smile.
I haven’t fulfilled my dream yet, but I can smile every day.
The president of the company and my colleagues who give me various opportunities.
My business partners who support my dream.
My friends who support me emotionally.
My family and relatives who warmly watch over me.
My wife and children, who have always supported me.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people I have met so far, and I would like to return the favor to all of them little by little.